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How to use the Housing data dashboard

Find the latest data on housing in Australia, from 35 key national datasets. Choose from over 80 dashboard tiles from the SELECT DATA menu. Use the interactive displays to dig deeper into the data, and export or share your customised dashboard. Each data tile is a gateway to the data source, where detailed analysis, data quality information and additional data are presented.

The dashboard is best viewed using the web browser Google Chrome.

Choose data

Choose which data to display in the dashboard by using the checkboxes in the SELECT DATA menu. You can choose data tiles from a broad category – under Housing spectrum topic – for example, 9 tiles are available in the 'Housing market' topic, or individual tiles from separate topic areas (for example, 'Housing loan interest rates' from 'Financial market' and 'Australian property value' from 'Housing market'). Use the search bar to find key words in the menu titles. Once you have made your selections, click APPLY AND SHOW DATA to see your selections. Use the REORDER TILES action in the top right corner to drag the tiles into your preferred order. Use the 'X' in the top right position of a tile to remove it from your dashboard. Use the RESET action in the top action bar to reset the view to the standard selections.

Master state/territory filter

Use the ‘View data for’ filter to view Australia level data, or choose a state or territory that will be applied to all tiles in your selection. Some tiles either do not contain or do not filter down to individual state/territory data. These will remain as the ‘Australia’ view, even if a state/territory is chosen, and are shown as 'Australia only' in the tile title.

Interacting with the data

All tiles are interactive. Each selected tile will appear as a static image – you interact with it by clicking anywhere on the tile.  Once made ‘active’, you can hover over graphs to view more detailed information, and filter the data using the drop down menus at the bottom of each tile.

Flip panel text

Each tile can be ‘flipped’ to view additional background and contextual information, as well as references and links to the data source. Use the ‘Flip panel’ icon (two arrows pointing towards each other and a curved arrow over the top) in the upper right actions section of each tile.

Expanded view

Each tile can be expanded to a single view using the four arrow icon in the upper right actions section of each tile. This view combines both the data visualisation and the flip panel text in one view.

Remove a tile

Use the large ‘X’ in the upper right actions section of each tile to remove a tile from the dashboard. 

Save my dashboard

You can save your selections using the SAVE MY DASHBOARD button on the upper action bar of the dashboard. A unique URL will be generated that you can save or share to allow you to access your dashboard on another machine/device. It is a public link, so if you share it with another user they will be able to 'save' changes to your dashboard. See the ‘Share’ section for information on how to share a link with others.


Export your selections to PDF. This will be generated by the site once the EXPORT function is actioned and appear as a file in your web browser.  


Share your selection of tiles and unique filters (including your 'View data for' state/territory selection and the tile specific data category selections) using any of the options provided.