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Data sources

The data on this website is sourced from a range of data sets. These are listed below, along with the SELECT DATA menu tile names which use these data sources. You are encouraged to refer to the source publication where the detailed analysis, data quality information and additional data can be found.

Data source

Housing spectrum topic

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ABS 3101.0, Australian Demographic Statistics



Australian population

Australian population - age and sex

Australian population projections

ABS 5232.0 - Australian National Accounts: Finance and Wealth

Household finances 

National accounts - household balance sheet

National accounts - loan outstandings to households for housing

APRA Monthly Authorised Deposit-taking Institution Statisitics

Financial market

Monthly authorised deposit-taking institution statistics

APRA Monthly Banking Statistics

Financial market

Monthly banking statistics (historic, discontinued)

ATO Taxation Statistics

Household finances 

Capital gains and rent - individuals

Capital gains from real estate by entity

ABS 8752.0 - Building Activity, Australia

Housing market

Building activity - value of residential work

Building activity - dwelling construction

ABS 8731.0 - Building Approvals, Australia

Housing market

Building approvals - dwellings approved

Building approvals - new residential dwellings

Building approvals - value of buildings

Building approvals - Local Government Area

ABS 2049.0 - Census of Population and Housing: Estimating homelessness


Homeless estimates - personal characteristics

People in other marginal housing

Homeless estimates—geography

CoreLogic Home Property Value Index

Housing market

Australian property value

Australian property sales by value

ABS 4159.0 - General Social Survey, Summary Results, Australia, 2014


People with experiences of homelessness

Household finances 

Financial statistics

Financial stress

The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey: Selected Findings from Waves 1 to 16, 2018

Housing affordability

Housing costs as a proportion of income (HILDA)

Low income households in housing stress

Persistence of housing stress, low income households

ABS 6523.0 - Household Income and Wealth, Australia, 2017–18

Household finances 

Household income

Household wealth

Household debt

Wealth distribution - household characteristics

Household wealth measures - housing tenure status

ABS 4130.0 - Housing Occupancy and Costs, 2017–18

Housing affordability

Household mean weekly housing costs 

Housing costs as a proportion of household income (ABS)

Low income rental households in rental stress

Home ownership

Household tenure

ABS 5601.0 - Lending to households and businesses

Financial market

Lending commitments to households

ABS 3412.0 - Migration, Australia, 2017–18


Australian migration

AIHW National Housing Assistance Data Repository, 2019

Social housing

Dwellings and households

Wait lists

Suitability of social housing size

Household finances 

Financial assistance for housing

National Social Housing Survey, 2018

Social housing

Tenant satisfaction with services

Housing amenities - tenant ratings

OECD Affordable Housing Database, latest year available at 30 July 2019


Housing market

Housing stock and construction (OECD)

Housing affordability

Housing prices (OECD)

Home ownership

Household tenure (OECD)

Home ownership (OECD)

Household finances 

Housing costs (OECD)

Social housing

Social rental housing stock (OECD)

ABS 3218.0 - Regional Population Growth


Australian population change - Local Government Area

Australian population change - SA2

Australian population change - Remoteness Areas

Reserve Bank of Australia

Financial market

Housing loan interest rates

Rental Affordability Index, SGS Economics & Planning

Rental market

Rental Affordability Index

Rental Affordability Index - postcode

ABS 6416.0 – Residential Property Price Indexes: Eight Capital Cities

Housing affordability

Residential property price index - capital cities

Residential property transfers - value and volume

Specialist Homelessness Services Collection, 2017–18


Homelessness services - client characteristics

Homelessness services - housing outcomes