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Social housing: Social rental housing stock (OECD)

Social rental housing stock (OECD)

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Affordable Housing Database includes indicators of social housing such as social rental dwellings as a proportion of the total number of dwellings and the proportion of social rental dwellings by type of providers. ‘Social rental housing stock’ refers to the stock of residential rental accommodation provided at sub-market prices and allocated according to specific rules rather than according to market mechanisms.

The Affordable Housing Database published by the OECD summarises findings from the OECD Questionnaire on Affordable and Social Housing (QuASH). This questionnaire collects data on housing supply and demand as well as information on specific housing policy measures. Responses are provided by governments of EU and OECD member countries. Reference year varies across countries and cross-country comparisons should be undertaken with care.

OECD data are also used in the following dashboard menu options: Household tenure (OECD), Home ownership (OECD), Housing prices (OECD), Housing stock and construction (OECD)Housing costs (OECD) and Homelessness estimates (OECD).

See the OECD Affordable Housing Database ( for further information, including definitions, methods commentary and analysis, in particular data and comparability issues. Source tables PH4.2.1 and PH4.2.2.