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Population: Australian population projections – age and sex

Australian population projections – age and sex

The national population projections by age and sex were produced and published by the Centre for Population under three scenarios, as part of the first annual Population Statement. The assumptions applied to the projections under the central case scenario are consistent with the forecasting assumptions in the Federal Budget 2020–21, that is, that COVID-19 has been largely contained and a population‑wide Australian COVID‑19 vaccination program is in place by late 2021. The pre-COVID-19 scenario estimates what the population of Australia may have been in the absence of COVID-19. The extended restrictions scenario estimates the future population of Australia where restrictions to the economy and activity are maintained beyond the central scenario for a further 12 months.

National projections by and age sex are presented in this visualisation. Additional data including state/territory projections and capital city/rest-of-state projections, plus interactive dashboards, are available from the Centre for Population website.

See Centre for Population – Centre for Population Projections ( for further information, including in-depth analysis and methodology, in particular see Population Statement

Source reference: Data download – National age and sex structure, tidy file 2019–20 to 2030–31.