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Financial market: Lending commitments to first home buyers

Lending commitments to first home buyers

Lending commitments to first home buyers shows the number and value of new loan commitments to first home buyers, including to those who are investors and to those who are owner occupiers.

Lending commitments by significant lenders for the purposes of secured housing finance for owner occupation, purchase of investment dwellings and other personal finance are published in the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) publication Lending Indicators. A lending commitment is defined as a firm offer to provide finance which has been accepted by the borrower, and exists once the loan application has been approved and a loan contract or letter of offer has been issued to the borrower. The effects of normal seasonal variation and 'trading day effects' have been removed in the seasonal adjustment figures. To create trend estimates, the seasonally adjusted series is smoothed to reduce the impact of the irregular component of the seasonally adjusted series.

The ABS is currently monitoring for potential impacts from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on loan commitments statistics and will continue to do so for the period of the pandemic. The significant and wide-ranging impacts of COVID-19 on the Australian economy are expected to disrupt normal patterns of lending to the extent that trend calculations, which require time to adjust for trend shifts of this magnitude, would likely provide an inaccurate view of underlying lending activity. The ABS has therefore suspended trend series in this publication as of March 2020. These series will be reinstated once the underlying changes in the pattern of lending activity become clearer. The data presented in the Lending commitments to first home buyers dashboard menu option consequently reflects these changes.

ABS Lending Indicators data are also used in the following dashboard menu option: Lending commitments to households.

See ABS – Lending Indicators ( for further information, including in-depth commentary and analysis, in particular the source data Quality Declaration. Source reference Data Downloads - time series spreadsheets, tables 23, 24, 25.