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Home ownership: Australian Government home buyer assistance

Australian Government home buyer assistance

The Australian Government supports eligible home buyers to purchase a home sooner through several programs operating during 2022–23; the First Home Buyer Guarantee (FHBG), the Family Home Guarantee (FHG), and the Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee (RFHBG). On 1 July 2022, these three Schemes were brought under the new banner of the Home Guarantee Scheme (HGS). During 2022–23, 50,000 places were available to eligible home buyers across the FHBG, FHG and RFHBG.

The FHBG is an Australian Government initiative to support up to 35,000 eligible first home buyers to purchase their first home in 2022–23 (increased from 10,000 places in previous financial years). The FHG is an Australian Government initiative first launched in July 2021 which supports up to 5,000 eligible single parents with dependants to build a new dwelling or purchase an existing dwelling during 2022–23. The RFHBG is an additional initiative first launched in October 2022 which supports up to 10,000 eligible regional first home buyers to purchased a home in a regional area. 

These programs are administered by Housing Australia, a corporate Commonwealth entity.

See https://www.housing for further information, including latest statistics by LGA and trends and the full report Home Guarantee Scheme Trends and Insights Report 2022–23.